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Pencil Grip : Stetro
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Pencil Grip : Stetro

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This small nut-shaped pencil grip is ergonomically designed to promote correct pencil holding technique.

The proprioceptive feedback afforded by the rigid moulded plastic helps establish correct pencil grasp in those children struggling to establish a functional pattern. The slightly gummy texture of this grip offers subtle organising proprioceptive input.

By encouraging an open webspace between the thumb and index finger, the role of the muscles of the thumb are enhanced. This tends to improve speed of writing and reduce the incidence of cramping.

Extremely versatile, it is suitable for either pre-schoolers or adults and can be used by both left handed and right handed individuals. There are three indentations for each of the individual fingers – the thumb is placed on the indentation marked by a star.

For right handed usage, the little arrow should be positioned facing down the shaft of the pencil, and upwards for left handed use. It is recommended that a writing instrument be held approximately 2 – 3 cm higher up the pencil shaft for a left hander.


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