Beads and Laces in a Bucket

Beads and Laces in a Bucket is a great activity for encouraging fine hand-eye coordination and is a great bilateral hand function task.

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Beads and Laces in a Bucket - Threading provides fine hand-eye coordination and great bilateral hand function task, meaning that both hands need to work carefully and accurately to accomplish the task. Threading beads require precise fine-motor control for the threading action. Take care to ensure that the child keeps the neck and shoulders relaxed while threading as it is easy to adopt an awkward shoulder position while tackling a challenging fine-motor task. Have fun!

Contents: Each 500 ml plastic bucket contains the following:

  • Approximately 75 multicoloured beads.
  • Three laces.

Size: The Beads measure approximately 2.5 cm in diameter. The 90 cm long laces are approximately 2 mm thick and have a firm threading end measuring approximately 15 mm.

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