Big Block Builder

The Big Block Builder is a timeless, colourful, and durable toy with large construction blocks can be easily connected and stacked onto the base to make cars, trucks, and trains.

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The Big Block Builder is a fascinating, durable toy made up of 24 pieces that can be stacked and connected to build a tall, colourful block building, or can be linked to create a push along train with four carriages. The building bricks are so easy, even a toddler is able to assemble and dissemble them.


  • Encourages toddlers to use two hands in simple block construction.
  • Encourage your child to crawl while pushing along a Block Builder train.
  • Use the blocks to teach colour matching (red, yellow, blue and green).
  • The blocks can also be used to teach colour sequencing. For example, build a tower like this - first a big red block, then blue, yellow, and then green.
  • Develop an awareness of numbers with your preschooler by asking him to find all the blocks that have only two, four, or six connector bumps.
  • Use the blocks in the sandpit to mould building bricks.

Contents: Each package contains the following:

  • Six Blue Blocks.
  • Six Green Blocks.
  • Six Red Blocks.
  • Six Yellow Blocks.
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