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Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones – Fine Motor and visual skills for babies 1 month to 36 months

Midline Crossing

Excerpt“Midline crossing” describes the child’s ability to make effective use of his right hand in the left body space, and the left hand in the right body space. The body midline is an imaginary line through the centre of the body, running from a point at the top of the head, to a point between the two feet.

Fussy Eaters

What causes a child to become a fussy, picky eater? Have his parents given to his every whim and allowed him to develop only a narrow range of food preferences? Has he worked out that he can be assured of his mother’s unwavering attention if he creates a bug fuss around mealtimes by refusing to... continue reading

Freehand Drawing to Improve Motor Planning

Children who have difficulty with planning and organising tasks, often also have difficulty with free-hand drawing. The child may have difficulty in making recognisable drawings. He might typically start out drawing one thing, and when what he has drawn, does not resemble what they set out to draw, he might reconsider his picture to see... continue reading

Preparing Your Sensory Sensitive Child for School

The sensory sensitive child needs special consideration when preparing to start school or to go back to school.  One of his biggest challenges is dealing with change and going to school or going back-to-back to school involves just SO much change. Tackling your own anxiety The first thing to tackle is your own anxiety, and... continue reading

Animal Actions for Toddlers

Toddlers can learn a great deal about their bodies and how they move, by exploring and playing with movement. They can be encouraged to watch how animals move and behave, and how they can imitate this behaviour. Toddlers learn a great deal about making sounds by imitating animal noises. In imitating the animals, they need... continue reading

Assisting a Child with Training Scissors

Most children learn to cut easily by simply being offered a pair of scissors to try for themselves. After a few attempts with a certain amount of trial and error, they will begin to develop some control over the scissors and their snip snipping attempts will develop into more coordinated cutting strokes. For some children,... continue reading

Checklist for Gravitational Insecurity

Children who are Gravitationally Insecure often present with some of many of the features listed below…. ( Also see article “Assisting a Gravitationally Insecure Child”) When his feet leave the ground, the child becomes anxious or struggles to keep his feet down. He may cooperate if he is assisted by someone he trusts. He has... continue reading

Assisting a Gravitationally Insecure Child

More than with most children (where trust is the basis for successful relationships and hence successful intervention) it is imperative that anyone who works with this child should first develop a good relationship with him and gradually build up his trust. This will go a long way to nurturing feelings of security and will help... continue reading