Chalkboard and Whiteboard

A practical Whiteboard that has a good quality Chalkboard on the reverse side. Supplied with a box of 12 slim pieces of coloured chalk.

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This versatile little chalkboard and whiteboard fits neatly into a child's suitcase, and can be used for a wide variety of drawing and writing tasks.

Some tasks include:

  • Use the Whiteboard for drawing pictures. A great tool for a dyspraxic child as messy drawing attempts are quickly and easily erased.
  • Use thick Whiteboard markers on the Whiteboard side of the board to draw bright colourful pictures. Practice colouring skills in a quick and effortless way on the Whiteboard side. Great as a quick incidental activity.
  • Use fine, colourful Whiteboard markers to draw detailed designs and shapes and to create elaborate pictures or symmetrical designs. The easy-to-erase lines can quickly be corrected leaving a neat and accurate end product.
  • Use fine Whiteboard markers to practice writing letters and to practice correct letter formation. By using a fine marker, and writing smaller-sized letters, the motor action will more closely resemble the motor action used when writing on paper. (When working on letter formation with a dyspraxic child, it is important to practice writing the letters in the same size font as the child will be required to use at school).
  • Practice spelling and sums while doing homework by writing these on the Whiteboard.
  • The Chalkboard offers a lovely resisted fine-motor task, as one needs to hold the chalk firmly and to press harder with chalk than with other writing materials.
  • Wet the chalk lightly to create a vividly coloured picture.

Contents: Chalkboard and Whiteboard combination that includes 12 small coloured sticks of chalk.

Size: Each Chalkboard and Whiteboard is approximately A4 in size measuring 29.5 cm x 20.5 cm.

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