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Sensory Stuff has comissioned a number of pencils with a difference! These pencil have a rubbery chewable layer around the end of the pencil. Great for those children who keep biting on the end of their pencils! Three different pencil types are available : A tripod pencil for younger children, and a quality slim HB or 2H pencil.

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Chewy Pencil Toppers have now been commissined for three different pencils, to suit the child's handwriting or drawing needs. These pencils have a thin rubbery TPE layer over the end of the pencil to allow the child the opportunity to mouthe and chew on the pencil top.   

Thick Tripod Pencil : This thick, tripod graphite pencil not only makes it easier for a child to grasp their pencil correctly, but also accommodates the child who just has to put everything into their mouths. The rubbery layer can be mouthed and chewed.

Slim 2H Chewy Pencil : This pencil has a hard quality graphite lead for those children who apply a much firmer pressure with their pencil onto the paper. Using a 2H pencil makes it easier for the proprioceptive seeking child to work a little more neatly as the graphite does not smudge as much as a regular HB pencil.

Slim HB pencil : This chewy pencil has a regular hardness HB graphite lead, for standard classroom use, PLUS a great chewy pencil topper.

Now since we really do know just how intensely some children bite and chew on their pencils, we are not going to tell you that this pencil is indestructible! It probably isn't! It will, however it does offer the oral sensory seeker far better value than any regular pencil will. Put us to the test and let us know how it works for your child

Variations :

  • A thicker Tripod pencil with Sensory Stuff chewy topper
  • A slim HB pencil with Sensory Stuff chewy topper
  • A slim 2H pencil with Sensory Stuff chewy topper
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