Colourful Wooden Blocks

Colourful Wooden Blocks. Rectangular wooden blocks which can be used for stacking or building. Great for use as Jenha blocks.

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Colourful Wooden Blocks

These colourfully painted rectangular rough wood blocks are great for playing games such as Jenga. In the game of Jenga, players take turns to remove one block at a time, from a tower of stacked blocks. The aim is to carefully remove a block without causing the tower to collapse! This is a wonderful game of strategy and precision which requires good fine motor skill!

Stacking Blocks. - Begin by balancing three blocks on only one block at the bottom. Now continue to build a tower on top of this rather unstable base.

Stack of Single blocks – See how many blocks you can stack on top of a single block.

Contents:  48 Wooden blocks - measuring approx : Length 7.5cm - Width 2.5cm - Height 1.5cm

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