Disc'o'Sit Adult

The inflatable 39 cm diameter Disc 'o' Sit Adult can be used by older children and adults as a cushion while sitting on a standard adult-sized chair. Used in this way, it offers some gentle movement input to the restless child or adult.

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Product Description

The Disco Sit was first manufactured as a sitting cushion, but then has established itself in the functional training sector as well. Today it is widely recognized by trainers and therapists. It can be used for ground exercises in order to develop coordination and to improve reflexes and stability. When it is positioned on a chair, it relieves the spinal column thanks to the movement it provides. A brochure with some exemplifying exercises is included in the package. This product belongs to the Medical Device Class I.


  • Adjust the inflation according to the desired comfort and stability level.

Recommended Weight: Maximum 120 kg or 270 pounds / Tested Load Capacity: Maximum 200 kg or 440 pounds.

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