Fabric Matching Game

Fabric Matching Game. Match the "Shwe-Shwe" fabric designs in this tricky, colourful pattern matching memory game.

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Fabric Matching Game. Our ingenious designer came up with this colourful handmade Shwe-Shwe fabric memory card game.There are 10 pairs of fabric cards which have a very similar fabric design, stitched onto the one side of the fabric card. This game can be played by one or two players.  It can be played simply as a visual discrimination matching game, as a visual memory game, or even as a visual sequential memory game, depending on the age and ability of the player. 

Test your skill at remembering the colourful designs on each soft, hand-sewn fabric card, as you play a memory matching game. The 20 cards can be placed face-down, randomly spread on a table surface. The player turns up a card so that the pattern can be seen and remembered. The player then turns up a second card, hoping by chance that it will be a perfect match. If it happens to be a perfect match, the two cards are removed from play and put aside. If the player has turned up two matching cards, they get to have another turn at attempting to turn up two more matching cards. If not, the other person has a turn. The player who remembers the positions of the matching cards and who turns up the most matching pairs, is the winner. The designs are quite similar, making this a serious test of visual memory!

The Memory Matching game can be made easier by setting the down-facing cards in a grid of two or three rows. This makes it easier for the players to remember the position of the various pattern cards, as they can then use the spatial cues to assist them in remembering.

Visual Sequencing Game : Divide the cards into two identical sets. Remove 3 cards from the one set, and place these 3 cards facing up, directly in front of the child. (The other 7 cards are set aside) The child has 30 seconds to study the cards and to remember what they look like, so that he will be able to recall and pick up the same 3 cards in the same order, when he is presented with the full set of 10 designs. A super-tricky mind bender!

Pattern Matching Game :  Younger children can play the game by spreading the fabric cards with the patterned side showing, and then simply pairing the matching cards. This can assist in developing visual discrimination skills.

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