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The Sensory Stuff Fidget Bag is filled with a variety of specially selected soft and squishy textured fidget toys. Fidget toys can assist immensely in helping children to focus their attention when they need to be stil.

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The contents of Sensory Stuff's Fidget Bag have been specially selected to provide organising proprioceptive and touch input for children who have difficulties with sensory regulation. These are perfect for use in the classroom. They can be used by younger children who need to fidget during ring time, or by older children who cope better with sitting and listening during a lesson, if they have a hand fidget toy to provide them with organising deep pressure and proprioceptive input.

Contents: Each bag measures 10 x 20cm, and contains the following:

  • One Squeeze Mini Basket Ball or Soccer ball.
  • One squishy Balloon Fidget
  • A piece of Stretchy String
  • A tiny soft bear with magnets in his hands and feet.
  • Two pieces of Stretchy Tube.
  • Two rubbery Fidget Aliens
  • Three braided fabric elastic bands
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