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Fidget Spinner is discreet, provides some vibratory and subtle proprioceptive input through its gyroscopic effect.

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Sensory Stuff's Occupational Therapists have been at work to find a Fidget Spinner that can in fact live up to its name as a useful fidget tool. This aluminum Fidget Spinner offers subtle vibratory input as the little propellers spin. It also offers subtle proprioceptive input through the gyroscope effect, which is set up by the spinning components. Our Sensory Stuff Fidget Spinner offers organising sensory input that can assist a child in better focusing their attention and in concentrating.

Parents should clarify the ground rules for use of the Fidget Spinners with their children, and should work with their child's teacher to ensure that these rules are adhered to.

Fidget Spinner Rules:

  • No passing around of Fidget Spinners. Each child can use their own Spinner in a discreet manner.
  • The Spinners should be activated using a small brisk swipe of the finger, rather than by using any less discreet and distracting arm of hand movements.
  • While playing with the Spinner, the child should keep his hand discreetly in his lap, rather than to have the Spinner in full view of other children who may otherwise be distracted.
  • Fidget Spinners, like other sensory-appropriate fidget toys, can provide organising input when the child needs to be still and to pay attention; for example, while listening during a lesson or lecture, or while reading. Fidget Spinners should preferably not be used while doing written work, since the child will need both hands. One hand holds the pen or pencil, while the other hand should be holding the page steady, rather than to be fiddling with any type of fidget toy.

Measurements: Each Fidget Spinner measures 6 mm in diameter and weighs 23 grams.

Caution! - Choking hazard. Small moving parts.

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