Frog Domino

Frog Domino. A stunning tumbling dominoes game which challenges planning ability and fine motor skills!

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This tumbling dominoes game has a 100 sturdy wooden peices which can be set up to create a tumbling dominoes circuit. Carefully position each of the pieces in sequence without knocking them over and setting them all into tumbling motion. Use your planning skills to carefully posiiton the wrecking ball and the suspended log in just the right place to touch the next frog domino and to set all the pieces tumbling one into the other.

Figure just where to position the ball and slide so that the cascade of dominoes sets the ball in motion, and on to nkow over the next set of frog dominoes.

If you are feeling really clever, see whether you can work out how to set up a row of frog dominoes so that they will tap the fin on the windmill fan in order to set another strong of dominoes tumbling. Loads of strategising fun as children plan and set up a new and different tumbling dominoes course every time.

A stunning game involving planning, sequencing and delicate fine motor placement skills! 

Contents - 100 pieces

Ages: 3 years to 100 years!

Caution - Small pieces may pose a choking hazard.

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