Geostacks is a fabulous educational geometric stacking and threading toy which grows with your child. This game can be used at various ages to develop colour, shape and visual perception.

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Geostacks is a great toy which grows up with your child!

Learn about colour, position, quantity, shape, direction & much more. Develop coordination, concentration, logical thinking & problem solving.

Toddlers can learn to thread shapes using the large colourful shapes and the thick threader and lace.  Threading shapes in this way can help toddlers to develop essential bilateral hand coordination skills.

Toddlers can also learn about colour and shape. The Geostacks toy is a great tool for learning about matching shape and colour.

Preschoolers and older children can thread the shapes in a certain colour or shape sequence.

The sturdy shapes can also be used for Tactile Discrimination, by hiding them inside a Sensory Stuff Tactile Feely Bag. The child then feels for each shape without being able to see the shape. A great activity for developing essential sensory skills of tactile discrimination!

Children aged 5 year, can learn to copy the pattern of shapes and colours on the cards which are included in the Geostacks game. Encourage working from left to right when playing with the Geostack in this way.

Develop sequencing skills by asking your child to stack the shapes in a certain colour order, - Red at the bottom, then blue, green, yellow and orange at the top. Develop auditory sequencing skills in the Grade 0 child, by asking the child to listen to the sequence of colours or shapes, before stacking or threading them in the correct order.

Develop visual memory or visual sequential memory by placing the shapes in sequence on the table and then hiding them from view. The child needs to list the shapes or colours in the order in which they were placed.

  • 25 x Plastic Geometric Shapes in 5 bright basic colours
  • 1 x Plastic Base with 5 Stacking Pillars
  • 10 x Copy Cards
  • 1 x Lace

Age: From 18 months - 6 years +

Grade: 0000 - 0.

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