Glue Powder

A multi-purpose glue powder which can be mixed with water to make a great glue gel, or paste. Can be used for paper, card, collage art, paper-mâché as well as for tactile exploration tasks.

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A multi-purpose adhesive powder for paper, card, collage art, paper-mâché and tactile exploration. Once the glue is mixed with water to make a gel or paste, paint powder can be added to powder paint to make finger paints.

Mix a small amount of glue with a little water. Use a spoon, stick or your finger to mix it to a smooth texture. Spread the glue with your hands and fingers, or with a paintbrush. Mix powder paints or food colour into the glue to make finger paints. This glue dries really hard and can be used most effectively in doing paper-mâché tasks. Its smooth texture makes it most suitable for spreading over thin newsprint and for moulding the paper-mâché creation.

Each tub contains 100grams of glue powder

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