Hang Tough Rings

Children can strengthen their arm and shoulder muscles by pulling themselves up on these suspended rings. Hang the rings from a regular jungle gym, or thread the ropes through a length of hosepipe and hang in a tree.

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By using Hang Tough Rings, children can strengthen their hand, arm, and shoulder muscles while pulling themselves up on suspended equipment. Make sure that the child wraps his thumb around the ring, as this will ensure that he stretches and strengthens the thumb muscles, as well as ensuring a more secure grasp as he hangs. Strengthening of shoulder and arm muscles can contribute to improved strength and stability in fine-motor tasks, and in tasks such as handwriting.

Safety first: As with all suspended apparatus, always make sure that all ropes are securely tied and that there is a soft surface below for the child to land on should the child happen to fall while playing.

Contents: Each pack contains a pair of rings.

Caution! - Please ensure that you tie your own secure knots when assembling this product.

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