Giotto Patplume

Giotto Patplume is the latest-generation, amazingly soft, easy to knead, non-toxic, modelling dough. Great for providing proprioceptive sensory input.

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Giotto Patplume is the latest-generation, soft, easy to knead, modelling dough. Ideal for preschoolers and younger primary school children. Ideal for making small objects, the modelling dough is available in lots of bright colours that can be blended into infinite shades. Its texture makes it ideal for use in providing proprioceptive sensory input.

The dough can also be used in creating fun activities. One such fun activity is to draw or trace a picture and use the dough to colour in the picture. There is no mess as paint tends to create and is more fun than using a crayon. The best thing about this is that you can scrape off the dough and use it again to colour over and over.

Giotto Patplume does not dry out when exposed to air, is temperature-resistant, and can be rinsed off the hands with just soap and water.

Made from a vegetable base, this product is Non toxic and Gluten-free, it can be used in complete safety by children who suffer from Coeliac Disease.

Contents: Each pack contains 10 x 50g packs of different colour dough

Ages: 2 and up.

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