Craft Punch and Scissors

Craft Punch and Scissors are great for doing creative paper tasks. The tiny punches can be used to strengthen fingers while punching small paper shape cut-outs which can then be glued onto cards or pictures. The scissors have a decorative cutting blade which cuts fancy edges on either paper or card. 

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 Craft Punch and Scissors

This is a great kit to have when encouraging children to do fine motor tasks. Use the punches to press / punch out tiny coloured shapes. The child first needs to slide the paper into the narrow gap below the blade of the punch. He will then press down very firmly onto the punch button, to push the  cutting blade through the paper. The little shapes can then be shaken out. Use these tiny shapes to decorate cards and pictures. Picking up, handling, and glueing the tiny shapes requires very dextrous fine motor skills and encourages use of a dextrous pincer grip.

The punches can also be used to cut out shapes along the edge of a sheet of paper to make a decorative frame.

The scissors have fancy blades for cutting decorative edges.

Scissors measure approximately 15cm and the punches approximately 2,5cm x 3cm

Recommendation for maintaining craft punch.

  • Only use the punches for cutting paper. Do NOT cut card
  • for sharpening the cutting mechinism, cut aluminium foil.
  • for lubricating cutting mechinism, cut out wax paper

Not suitable for children under 3 years - small parts and sharp edges

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