Interstar Blocks 30 PC

30 Colourful, plastic construction blocks that are easily connected by simply aligning the blocks and then pushing them together! A lovely creative building task that helps to develop bilateral hand manipulation in young children.

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This colourful, plastic construction set is packaged in a clip down plastic tub for easy tidying and storing.

The square, rectangular, and block-shaped pieces have small spikes and grooves on them that allow them to be easily connected to each other. The child simply needs to align the blocks at right angles to each other, and then to push the blocks together so that they stick together. This is a lovely bilateral hand use task that also requires some spatial orientation of the blocks. Should your child have difficulty in working out how to connect the blocks, place your hands over his as he holds a block in each hand, and guide the movements of his hands so that he feels what he needs to do. He will also need to look carefully to check on the orientation of the spikes and grooves before trying to connect the pieces.

The texture of the pieces offer good tactile input too! In fact, older children can be challenged to connect the blocks while wearing a blindfold. This requires them to use refined tactile discrimination skills. Developing good tactile discrimination builds neural pathways that contribute to the development of body schema and that can also assist in the development of praxic ability.

Contents Functions:

  • Vibrantly coloured connecting shapes.
  • Tactile and easy for little hands to hold and connect.
  • Endless building possibilities.
  • 30 piece set in a handy storage tub.

Ages: 3 years and up.

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