Jumbo Shapes

Jumbo Shapes contain five large Rubber Shapes. These flat large rubber geometric shapes are suitable for a wide range of movement and play activities.

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Jumbo Shapes come in a set of five large, geometrical rubber shapes. Suitable for a wide range of movement and play activities. Set the Jumbo Shapes out on the floor and let the child hop or jump on top of them in sequence, or as you call out the name of the shape. Set up obstacle courses using the shapes along with other blocks and gross-motor apparatus.

Used in the classroom, Jumbo Shapes can be used for children to sit on during ring time so that each child knows his sitting place in the group. Children enjoy the comforting rubbery texture of the Jumbo Shapes. The shapes can also be used on slippery plastic chair surfaces to prevent children from sliding down into their chairs, and adopting a poor sitting posture.

Spread the Jumbo Shapes out onto the floor as targets, and let children throw beanbags to land on the shapes. The Jumbo Shapes can also be set out as targets, on which to bounce balls during activity rings.

Have Fun!

Contents: Each pack contains five large, geometrical rubber shapes of various colours.

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