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Matching & Sequencing Booklet.  This triple-page spiral-bound booklet has colourful pictures on each side of three pages. When paging through the book one way, the child needs to find the three pictures which have a matching theme, Turn the booklet around and page through it the other way, to find three pictures which tell a story.

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Matching & Sequencing Booklet. This strudy board booklet opens to show three colourful pictures. When paging through the booklet the one way, the child needs to look for pictures that go together, for example cat, dog and pony. This is great for teaching children the concept of association.  Turn the book around and page through it the other way, and the pictures must must now be sequenced in order to tell a story.   For example, in the first picture, the worm sniffed the apple, in the second picture, he took and bite, and eventually in the third picture, nothing is left of the apple but the core, and one very satisfied-looking worm!

Great for speech and language therapists!

Suitable for children from around 3 years - 6 years of age.

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