Mazes Activity Book

Mazes Activity Book. This activity book contains 31 simple pencil and paper maze activities for young preschool children.

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Mazes Activity Book

An activity book of simple mazes to encourage spatial reasoning in preschoolers. Many children play are familiar with solving mazes on a digital tablet, but find this task far more difficult when doing the task using pencil and paper.  Use an erasable graphie pencil and keep an eraser on hand. Youngsters of three year, can simply be left to solve the maze, while those children who are slightly older, at 5 or 6 years, can be encouraged to keep their line in the middle of the path and not to let their pencil line touch the printed lines in the maze.

The designes include: Help the squirrel to find his food; Help the chicken find to find her nest and guide the ship to the dock. Children can also be encouraged to colour in the completed maze.

31  Mazes and 2 pages of stickers, which include number and letter stickers for use in other activities.

Ages:  3 to 6 Years

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