Melt Bead Art

Melt Bead Art offers an intricate fine motor task for children older than seven years of age. Pick up and carefully position tiny cylindrical beads onto a plastic template, before using a hot clothes iron to meld the beads together. Serious fine motor fun! Adult assistance is essential when ironing the beads to fuse them together.

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Melt Bead Butterfly
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Melt Bead Art offers a great way to work on sustained fine motor control. Accurately place each of the tiny cylindrical beads onto the tiny raised spike on the plastic template. The coloured picture of either a bee or a ladybird, positioned under the plastics template, will guide you in placing the coloured beads in the correct place. The little beads can to picked up using a fine pincer grasp, or usng the tweezers provided.

Once you have all the beads in their correct place, place the greaseproof paper over the beads and template and using a hot iron, press down onto the upper surface of the beads to melt them together..

See Step-by-Step instructions which includes some tips for producing a successful end product.

Each pack contains: :

  • Either a Ladybug or Butterfly textured perboard template onto which the beads are placed..
  • Tiny cylindrical plastic melt beads
  • Picture Guide
  • Tweezer
  • Grease-proof paper ironing sheet
  • Step by step instructions

Warning! Choking harzard. Small pieces.

Warning! Adult must operate the iron when melting the beads to create the finished product.

This product must be used under the supervision of an adult.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Place the pegboard directly onto the paper picture guide of either the bee or the ladybird. You could put a dab of glue, or a tiny flat piece of prestick onto the paper to hold it in place.
  • Now place the pegboard with the picture securely positioned behind it, onto a level heat resistant surface. A flat wooden board works well. (Since it difficult not to knock the beads off the pegboard once they are all in place, it is best to begin the process with the pegboard on the same board on which you will later iron over the beads to melt and fuse them together).
  • Slip the correct colour beads onto each little peg, as shown on the background picture guide.  You can either pick up the tiny perler beads using a fine grasp of your index and middle fingers (the "Pinchy Fingers"), or use the tweezers provided to pick up each bead. The tweezers can be used to grip the whole bead, or one leg of the tweezers can be placed inside the hole making it much easier to pick up each bead.
  • Work systematically from one side to the other or from top to bottom. This approach is more likely to be successful as placing beads in the middle of the design in between surrounding beads is likely to knock them off the pegboard. A serious exercise in patience and frustration tolerance!
  • TIME FOR ADULT HELP  : Once all the beads are in place, heat up the iron to a moderately hot setting. If you are using a steam iron, switch off the steam function. Once the iron has reached the moderately high setting, it can be unplugged and used right away.
  • Place the greaseproof paper supplied, on top of the completed bead arrangement and taking great care not to knock off any of the beads, press the iron down gently, ensuring that you keep an even pressure over the beads.  Slowly moved the iron in small circular movements to ensure that all the beads become melted and connected to each other. Do not lift the iron until all the beads are melted.
  • Put the iron away in a safe place to cool down, ensuring the electric cable is also out of the way.
  • Once the beads have cooled a little and can be handled, peel the paper off and remove the melded bead picture from the pegboard.
  • Use your creation to make a card, picture, fridge magnet or hanging decoration. Well done!


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