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Melty Beads offer a wonderful opportunity for creative fine-motor play, visuo-spatial perception and concentration. Following a pattern, the child uses a delicate pincer grasp to pick up the bead and to carefully place it in the exact place onto a spiked board. The finished product is ironed to melt the beads so that they fuse together to make a picture.

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Melty Beads are great for developing refined fine-motor skills, while being creative as well. The child carefully positions small cylindrical beads into a spiked pegboard to create a picture. The child needs to use accurate visuo-spatial perception skills to copy the printed designs and to position the coloured beads in the correct place on the pegboard. This task requires good concentration ability, frustration tolerance, and patience! Bump the pegboard and you will need to start over as the little beads will be knocked off the spikes on the pegboard. Create a lovely ocean scene with whales, orca whales, crabs, and colourful fishes.

Once completed, the designs will need to be ironed to melt the beads and to bond them together to make a picture.


  • Over 1500 Melty Beads.
  • Three Pegboards.
  • One Pattern Sheet.
  • Three Sheets of Ironing Paper.
  • Two Background Posters.

Ages: 6+

Caution: The ironing to bond the beads must be done by an adult!

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