Mini Jenga Game

Mini Jenga. This is an awesome toy for developing slow, controlled fine motor skill in removing a small colourful jenga block without disturbing the rest of the block in the jenga tower.

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Mini Jenga Dice.

The jenga game offers a great opportunity for careful planning of fine motor skills. Throw the die, and then carefully nudge the appropriate colourful block from its place in the tower, without disrupting the rest of the tower. This game tests patience as well as the ability to work in a slow and deliberate manner!

The colourful blocks can also be be used for block construction play. See how carefully the child can stack a pile of bricks to make a tower. How many bricks can she stack before the tower topples over?

Blocks are approximately 5cm x 1.5cm.  The built tower is approximately 17cm high when built

Contents:  48 Blocks in 6 different colours and  1 colour dice.

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