Mini Wooden Blocks

Mini Wooden Blocks. Teeny tiny plain wooden blocks to test and to develop fine motor stacking skills!

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Mini Wooden Blocks -  These teeny tiny wooden blocks can be stacked one on the other to make a tower. How carefully can you stack them? How high can you make your tower before it comes crashing down? Our record is 17 blocks high! What is yours?

This set of tiny wooden cubes is great for assessing children's (and adults') ability to use a fine pincer or lateral grasp to pick up the cube; then to gently and carefully place each cube, one on top of the other, by carefully postioning and then releasing each cube.  Stacking cubes in this manner allows for careful observation of fine motor control and coordination as well and offering the opportunity to observe for any tremors. Practicing stacking the cubes can also assist in improving coordination. Have fun!

Pack contains 30 Mini Wooden Blocks - measuring approximately 15mm3.

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