Neon Rainbow Crayon

Draw a beautiful colourful rainbow in just one big arc movement with this delightful solid Neon Rainbow Crayon.

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Draw a rainbow in one large circular movement with a giant, solid Neon Rainbow Crayon. This vividly toned, multicoloured, large crayon is perfect for doodling and for adding the perfect rainbow effect to any artwork or craft project.

The Neon Rainbow Crayon is great for providing resisted hand function while the child adopts a firm lateral pincer grasp to hold the waxy chunk firmly. Work on hand function while having fun. The rainbow chunk can also be used for rubbing over raised templates to create a spectacular piece of artwork. Glue bits of string onto a piece of board to create your own raised template to rub over.

Size: The Neon Rainbow Crayon is approximately 10 cm long and 4 cm wide.

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