Outside, Inside & Underneath Puzzle

There are two puzzles in this box, a 20pc & 24pc cardboard jigsaw. One puzzle features a busy construction site with diggers digging below and other large machinery and workmen working on the site at ground level. The other puzzle shows a home maintenance and repair crew, working on plumbing pipes underground, and brick work and tiling inside the home. Great  for teaching and talking about spatial concepts - inside, above, next to, on top of etc.

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Outside, Inside & Underneath. These two puzzles, - a 20 piece and a 24 piece, feature pictures of a construction builidng site and a home maintenance team, working in various places. The Construction site shows large construction equipment digging and then moving rocks below ground level, and other diggers and earthmoving equipment involved elsewhere on this busy site. The second puzzle has a picture which shows a maintenance and repair crew working on several levels on the inside of a house doing bricklaying, plastering, tiling and plumbing.

There is lots of opportunity for discussion and teaching of spatial concepts of above, below, next to, inside, outside, on top of, underneath, etc.

Puzzle piece size - approx 6cm x 5cm.


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