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The Physio Roll is also called a "peanut ball" on account of its shape. It provides a more stable surface for doing many of the ball activities for improving postural control.

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The Physio Roll was born from joining two balls together and creating a tool that allows for a great use variety and a higher stability as against the ball. It has been used in the physiotherapy sector for many years and it is ideal for those who have coordination and balance difficulties, for disabled people, for elderly people, and also for nursery schools. This product belongs to the Medical Device Class I.

The Physio Roll can be used in many different ways: The can child lie on his tummy over the ball with his hands taking his weight on the floor. In this position, the child can walk forwards on his hands, and then move backwards with the hands "walking" backwards. This position provides an opportunity for strengthening of the arm, shoulder, wrist, and hand muscles. Avoid letting the child simply hold this position while taking weight on his hands, as he will easily "lock" his elbow joints in this position, and this does not offer much opportunity for dynamic exercise of the upper limbs. The child can sit on the ball with his feet taking his weight on each side, as if sitting on a horse. He can bounce up and down in this position. This is a most stable position from providing strong vestibular input. Loads of fun!


Recommended Weight: Maximum 120 kg or 270 pounds / Tested Load Capacity: Maximum 300 kg or 660 pounds.

Warning! - In case of puncture the ball bursts. Please make sure that the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects.

Warning! - For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

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