A simple and fun visual perception game, in which a picture of an animal is built by correctly placing the head, tummy, and tail of each animal.

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Animatch contains a total of 72 cards – 12 animal and 12 bird picture cards – each cut into three sections with instructions. Match the parts of each animal or bird or create your own enchanted beasts and give them names!

Several aspects of visual perception are required when playing this game. These are described below:

Figure-Ground Perception: If the cards are simply scattered all over the table so that the cards lie in facing various directions, the child will require figure ground perception in order to spot the cards that make up each animal picture. Visual figure-ground perception is the ability to focus one’s attention on one object against a complex background in such a way that the background becomes less important and the figure becomes more important. When reading, the child needs good visual figure-ground perception to enable him to focus on one word or sentence at a time and not lose his place on the page.

Spatial Orientation: A basic level of spatial orientation is required to correctly orient the cards so that the animal picture is correctly orientated with feet pointing downwards and the heads facing up the correct way. Categorising and organising at a simple level is required in order to put all the relevant pieces together to make up each animal. For example, looking for all the pieces, what cards have the same colour green on them. The ability to categorise, organise, and to sequencing information is vital in all areas of academic learning. Visual Analysis and Synthesis. The child needs to observe the elements of each animal’s shape and to put them together again to form the whole creature. It is important that the parts be added in a spatially correct manner to form the whole.

Contents: Each box contains the following:

  • 12 Three Part Animal Cards (36 Cards).
  • 12 Three Part Bird Cards (36 Cards).
  • Instructions.

Ages: 3 and up.