Get the best of both worlds with the ARK Z-Grabber™, a ‘D’ shaped innovative oral-motor tool that combines the benefits of both the Z-Vibe and the Grabber. Enjoy all the versatility of the Z-Vibe® and plus the added bonus of a chewable “Grabber” loop attached to the plastic handle.

For individuals who crave vibration and sensory stimulation use the Z-Grabber™ to transition them into working on biting and chewing skills with the textured tip and chewable loop. For individuals who enjoy tactile input from the Grabber®, use the Z-Grabber™ for added sensory input and to transition them into using the various tips of the Z-Vibe® to work on speech and feeding skills. The loop can also be used as a handle for added convenience. It can also be used with the various spoon tips.

The Z-Grabber® is sold with one yellow Textured Bite-n-Chew Tip XL Other tips sold separately. All tips for the Z-Vibe are compatible with the Z-Grabber. Battery included (this is a special Vibe Battery not sold in stores within South Africa – we recommend buying a spare). To turn the unit on, twist the Switch Tip into the handle *just* until it starts to vibrate (please do not over-tighten).

Why Vibration?

Most people are either auditory or visual learners. Sometimes, however, these two senses are not enough, and we must look to other options, such as the sense of touch. Vibration provides a new level of sensory stimulation to increase awareness and to draw more acute attention to the articulators. Many individuals also find vibration to be calming and soothing.

Speech-Language Pathologists have been trained to use tactile input to teach individuals how to lateralise their tongue, elevate their tongue tip, make a tongue bowl, close their lips, learn a rotary chew, position the articulators for sound production, and various other oral-motor skills. The Z-Grabber™ is a tool to help therapists work on these skills in and around the mouth. It can always be used in the off position without vibration. Or, it can be turned on for additional sensory input with its smooth, gentle vibrations.

Caution! – The Z-Grabber is not a toy. It is a therapeutic tool intended to be used by a professional therapist (or parents trained by their therapist). It contains small parts including a battery that may pose a choking hazard. Direct adult supervision is required at all times.