The Beanbags 4 Pack is the perfect tool for teaching children throwing and catching skills. With its soft and large diameter ball, it allows children to practice their catching skills in a safe and comfortable way. As their skills improve, they can progress to using a smaller diameter ball, such as the small colourful beanbag included in the pack.

The beanbag is less intimidating for children to catch and has the added advantage of not rolling away when missed, unlike a ball. This helps build their confidence and allows them to focus on improving their hand-eye coordination.

The pack includes four beanbags in blue, green, red, and yellow, providing a variety of colors for children to engage with. Each beanbag measures approximately 10 x 10 cm and has a collective weight of approximately 700 grams.

As children become more proficient in catching the beanbag, they can progress to catching a tennis ball. Encouraging them to keep their eye on the beanbag as it is thrown will further enhance their skills.

To make the catching task easier, you can provide a verbal prompt, such as saying “Ready, steady, catch” as the child is about to catch the beanbag. This will help them anticipate the catching movement and improve their timing.

Overall, the Beanbags 4 Pack is a valuable tool for teaching throwing and catching skills, providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience for children.