Bobbles and Beads

Bobbles and Beads can be used in a variety of ways to develop perceptual abilities

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Bobbles and Beads can be used in a variety of ways to develop perceptual abilities in children. Toddlers can use the game to learn to thread beads. Bobbles and Beads can be used to match colour and to teach colour naming and recognition. They can also be used to teach the naming and recognition of solid or 3D shapes. The child can learn to work from left to right when following the sequence cards, and threading the beads as shown on the card. Sequencing is a vital perceptual skill to develop in order to learn to read, spell, as well as to manage other academic tasks.

The Bobbles and Beads sequencing cards can be used with the child simply looking at the card and copying the correct pattern, working step-by-step from left to right, while he threads the correct beds onto the lace. Older children can work on visual sequential memory by giving them a short while to look at the card and to remember what is on it, before turning it over to hide the information leaving the child to remember and then to thread the beads in sequence.

The child can also work on auditory sequential memory by being given a short list of shapes to remember, and he then has to select the shapes and colours as requested. The Bobbles and Beads can be used for many other games. They make lovely shapes for playing tactile discrimination games. Use Sensory Stuff’s Tactile Feely Bag to hide the beads inside, and let the older child feel for the correct shape bead on the cards. Use the colour and shape spinners to select the correct shape and colour in order to make a threaded pattern. There are so many ways to use this wonderful game.

Contents: Each box contains the following:

  • 150 coloured beads.
  • Two fine laces.
  • Ten graded copy cards.
  • Two spinners.
  • Instruction booklet.

Ages: 5 years and up.