Brick Game

Place Humpty on the Wall and let him admire your handwork

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Fit the two sturdy posts into place on the foundation base layer. Now build your wall using the 32 tiny bricks. You will need to carefully insert the bricks into the gaps in the sidewalls, and build the wall, row by row, taking care not to knock out any bricks as you build. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment as you fit the last brick into its place.  What as awesome and delicate fine motor planning task!

Place Humpty on the Wall and let him admire your handwork.

Now take the little trowel and figure which of the bricks you can slowly edge out of the wall without Humpty taking a tumble! A lovely planning task which needs to be thought though slowly as you figure what the consequence of your action will be.

The little bricks each measure only 30 x 16 x 10 mm, making them the perfect size for this delicate fine motor task.

Building games for two people :  Two people can work together at building the wall. Each take 16 bricks, and then take turns at placing a brick in place. If the wall collapses while you are busy with your turn at building, you collect all the bricks which fell, and your partner has the next turn. The first one to use up all their bricks is the winner!

You can also try your skill at building a tower with the bricks. See how many you can carefully place, one on top of the other, before the tower topples over! Can you beat our record of 12 bricks in a tower?

Ages: 4+