Build a Sentence – Parts of Speech Match Up

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Creatives Build a Sentence – Parts of Speech Match Up – This wonderful resource helps children build sentences and begin to understand English grammar and identify parts of speech – including nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. A great tool to help develop language skills. Sentences are built on a colour coded board, using colour coded cards, that help children split sentences into their different parts. A very clever system that is fantastic for those starting out in reading, and specially beneficial for those struggling with English grammar (perhaps as English is a second language, or because a hearing impairment or deafness has limited exposure to English).

Contains 8 sets of 30 word play cards (240 word cards in total) and 2 colour coded playing boards. Pronouns Orange, Adjectives are Yellow, Nouns are Green, Verbs are light blue, Adverbs are Red

Ages 7+