Busy Buttons

A very versatile construction game with 24 Flexible non-toxic shapes, 16 Buttons and instruction booklet.

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Busy Buttons is a construction game for children of all ages, which provides opportunities to explore and learn through play.

Using the Buttons: Pushing the buttons into the shapes will help to strengthen little hands and fingers. This will develop fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Using the Shapes and Patterns: Before using the patterns allow time for free play. This will help your child to become familiar with the shapes and the buttons. Introduce the patterns one at a time. Help your child to build according to the designs. When constructing from the patterns, start by laying the instruction sheet flat on a table. Later, place the instruction sheet on a wall. This helps to prepare the child for the chalkboard work. Turn the instruction sheet face down and button the shapes from memory. Allow the child to study the pattern for a few seconds. While your child is busy buttoning, talk about the colours, shapes, and the texture of the shapes.

Busy Button shapes are not only valuable as a buttoning game, they also have many other uses.

Babies 0-6 Months: Make a mobile using the shapes. The baby will love to look at, feel, tug, and kick at the shapes.

6+ Months: Once the baby is sitting and is able to hold objects in his hands, he begins to learn from exploratory play. The baby will find the shapes interesting because of their differences in shape, colour, and size. The shapes are flexible. They can be rolled, folded, and bent. The baby will love to poke his little fingers into holes. The baby also explores by using his mouth. The shapes are non-toxic and easy to clean – what fun for teething!

3+ Years Dressing Skills: Busy Buttons will help your child to learn to fasten the buttons on his own clothes.

Sorting and Matching: At first, your child will begin to sort and match according to colour and shape. Later, he will begin to sort according to size.

Body Concept: Build a person or animal using a large shapes for the large body parts – head, tummy, arms, and legs. Talk about the body and name other body parts. Build a body with jointed arms, legs, hands, and feet. Make a face showing the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

Fine-Motor Coordination: Practice pencil control, while using the shapes as stencils. Use scissors to cut out the shapes you have drawn. Place the shapes under a sheet of paper and rub over them with a crayon. Because the shapes are washable they can be used for splatter painting. Thread or lace the shapes together using a long threading lace.

Tactile or Touch Perception: Place the shapes in a bag. The child feels for a circle, square, triangle, etc, or place similar shapes on the table. The child finds the matching shapes.

Develop the following skills: Hand-eye coordination, fine-motor development & coordination, figure/ground perception, intellectual development, social play, social skills, spatial relationship, visual analysis & synthesis, vocabulary & knowledge base.

Busy Buttons is a construction game with flexible shapes.


  • 24 Flexible non-toxic shapes.
  • 16 Buttons and instruction booklet.