The Dot Sticker Mosaic Pictures set is a fun and creative activity that allows children to complete colourful mosaic pictures using dot stickers.  The set also comes with sticker dots of different sizes, allowing for even more creativity. Plus, the picture guide provides helpful instructions to ensure a successful end product.

Not only is this activity fun, but it also helps develop important fine motor skills. Peeling off the stickers requires a fine pincer grasp and bilateral hand coordination, which helps strengthen hand muscles and improve dexterity. Placing the stickers onto the picture outline further enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor control.

When it comes to hand dominance, most children will naturally use their dominant hand to place the stickers. However, if a child has not yet established a dominant hand, it’s important to let them use whichever hand they prefer. Through repeated practice the child is likely to develop a preference for their dominant hand. Only intervene and reposition the task if you are certain of the child’s dominant hand.

Contents: 2 Dot Sticker Mosaic Pictures and dot stickers.  Designs are randomly supplied.

Ages: 3+