Giotto Patplume

Soft, malleable, mixable, spreadable, reusable, non-toxic, vegetable-based modelling putty that doesn’t dry. 12 x 150g pack

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Giotto Patplume is the latest-generation, softest, easy to knead, reusable dough.  Great for providing proprioceptive input to the fingers.  Break off small pieces to roll, knead, mix and squash between the finger pads. A fabulous tool for building finger strength and improving fine motor coordination.

Unlike playdough, pat plume doesn’t dry and harden when left out in the air.  In fact, you can scrape Pat plume off an old project and work it with the fingers to soften it to its original texture! It is generally resistant to changes in the ambient temperature.

Comes in twelve beautiful bright colours which can also be mixed to make and almost infinite number of other colours.

Giotto Patplume does not dry out when exposed to air, is temperature-resistant, and can be rinsed off the hands with just soap and water.

Ideal for children of all ages.   Perfect for making small objects. This modelling dough is available in lots of bright colours that can be blended into infinite shades. Its texture makes it ideal for use in providing proprioceptive sensory input.

Besides being moulded and shapes, the dough can also be used by spreading it onto a paper or other hard surface.  Spread the Pat Plume using your finger, to colour in a picture. Used in this way, the Pat Plume in this way offers a great resisted finger activity and builds hand hand and finger strength.

Made from a 100% vegetable plant base. Gluten-free, it can also be used in complete safety by coeliac sufferers.

This amazing product is a must for every OT, and for every fine motor and sensory home programme.

Contents: Each pack contains 12 x 150g packs of different colour dough

Ages: 2 and up.