The Gymnic Aku Ring is a versatile and fun product that offers a range of sensory experiences. Its rubbery and spiky texture provides a pleasant tactile sensation, making it perfect for sensory play.

This flexible ring is not only great for play, but also has practical uses. It can be used for underwater activities in the swimming pool as it sinks in water, adding an extra element of excitement.

In the wellness field, the Aku Ring is a valuable tool for hand and foot massage. Its soft rubbery texture provides a soothing and resistive touch, making it perfect for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

The soft rubbery textured Aku Ring provides organising, resistive, yet “elastic” input. Useful as a teething ring for babies or as a fidget toy for the older child.

Additionally, the Aku Ring can be used for throwing and catching, adding an extra level of fun to outdoor activities. Its spiky texture enhances the sensory experience, making it even more enjoyable.

Gymnic Aku Ring is available in blue, green, red, or yellow and selected randomly for you – sold individually

Size: 17cm