The Gymnic Sensyball is great for use with babies as well as with young children. It can be inflated using a metal needle valve and bicycle pump. If the ball is slightly under-inflated, it will tend to move and bounce more slowly making it easy for baby to follow it as it rolls around the room. Similarly, if it is slightly under-inflated it will move and bounce more slowly allowing the young child to catch it more easily. The textured surface also makes catching and handling the ball easier for children. This is a great ball for nursery schools to use as it is a good quality and will last longer than most balls.

Sensyballs are soft and pleasant to touch. The bumps on the surface provide a healthy stimulation of the pressure points. Available in two sizes and are ideal for low-impact exercises. This product is perfect for reflexology and relaxation techniques.

Ball sizes available: 20 cm or 28 cm


  • The product is supplied deflated and can be inflated with a needle pump.

Recommended weight: max. 80 kg (180 lbs) / Tested load capacity: max. 100 kg (220 lbs).

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Sensyball 20 cm, Sensyball 28 cm