The Gymnic Soffy Ball is great for use when children are learning to throw and catch a ball. Often a standard, firm or heavy, ball can be very threatening to a child as it approaches their face.

The Soffy ball is different. It has a lovely soft and almost pliable texture, and since it is so light, it is not offensive to sensory defensive children as they don’t fear being hurt or bumped by the Soffy ball.

Using the ball slightly under-inflated can also slow it down a little, which may make it still less threatening. Under inflating the ball a little will also make it easier to grab. Despite its soft texture, the Soffy ball is actually tough, but preferably for use indoors or in the swimming pool.

Gymnic Soffy Ball size: 45 cm

Ages: 8 months and up. – Great for babies to chase around the room when they are crawling. Super for toddlers to kick and run after. Brilliant for 3 and 4 year old’s to use when learning to catch and throw a ball. In fact, just great at any age when a large, soft textured ball is required!

Use on a surface which would not puncture the ball

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Yellow, Red, Blue