The ARK Spoon Tip Attachment turns any Z-Vibe® or Z-Grabber into the ultimate sensory feeding tool. The size and shape of the spoon bowl allow for easy feeding, oral stimulation, and food removal. They are very specifically designed to be “just the right” size for young children; big enough to hold an appropriate amount of food, but small enough to prevent the spoon from being overloaded with too much food.

When used with the Z-Vibe handle, the Spoon Tip can help “wake up” the mouth, increase awareness, and provide stimulation to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw. The textured options have the added bonus of gentle bumps on the back of the spoon bowl, which helps increase oral awareness, stabilize the tongue, and encourage textured acceptance and the transition from pureed to solid foods.

A wonderful tool for any sensory mealtime treatment plan, these Spoon Tips have helped many therapists and parents get tube-fed children on their first solid foods. As is the case with all ARK tips and probes, the spoon tips are all made of medical grade materials that are FDA compliant and contain no lead, pthalates, PVC, BPA or latex.

Please note that these spoons are designed to be used with the Z-Vibe or Z-Grabber as an attachment


  • Made in the U.S.A. from medical grade materials that are FDA compliant.
  • Contain no lead, pthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

Contents: Each bag contains four Spoon Tips as follows:

  • The Hard Spoon Tip – Smooth – Yellow: This is a small, firm spoon with a smooth surface.
  • The Hard Spoon Tip – Textured – Yellow: This spoon is made of a softer, more flexible material, and has a textured under-surface
  • The Soft Spoon Tip – Smooth – Blue: This spoon is made of softer, more flexible material than the hard spoon tip.
  • The Soft Spoon Tip – Textured – Blue: This spoon is made of a softer, more flexible material, and has a textured under-surface.