Jellysquish Dinosaur is a great addition to the range of gooey textures available for the tactile seeker to explore. Translucent colourful jelly that you can squish, squash and roll and push into ball.

Tactile defensive Children can be gently encouraged to explore this unusual cool textured substance. Jellysquish feels wet but does not really stick to fingers, making it a less threatening tactile experience.

Store Jellysquish in a sealed container when not in use as it will dry out.

Jars with screw tight lid – each jar contains approximately 160 grams – each jar contains a little plastic dinosaur

Sold individually

Colour of Jellysquish and Dinosaur may differ from images

Warning! Jellysquish should be used only from age 3, and should be used under supervision, as it certainly could pose a serious choking hazard for young children. or children who are inclined to put things into their mouths.