Explore creative ways to use Chunky Chalk:

– Colourful Chunky Chalk can be used to create pictures on a large-sized chalkboard. Used in this way the task requires resisted hand function.
– Using wide arm movements, as in drawing a Big Rainbow or Lazy-8’s, the child can also be encouraged to relax the shoulder and arm in preparation for dexterous fine-motor tasks at the table.
– Use Chunky Chalk to draw your Hopscotch Grid or to mark out an Obstacle Course on brick paving. If the end of the chalk is slightly dampened the lines drawn will be more vividly coloured, and will wash off less easily.
– Use Chunky Chalk to mark long jump attempts, and to draw lines on the wall for playing ball games in which the ball is thrown against the wall. (Ask Mom’s permission first!)

Contents: Each box contains 6 pieces of Jumbo Chalk

Measurements: Each stick of Chunky Chalk is non toxic and measures approximately 10 cm x 2.5

Ages: 3 and up.