This wooden Logarithmic Board can be used as teaching aid in early childhood development. Teaching colour, numeric skills, shapes, letters and matching and sequencing. It is also lovely fine motor and hand function tool.

Logarithmic Board has the following features:

– The little fish have numeral numbers from 1 to 10 on them, while the corresponding slot to place them in have the number in words from one to ten. Each fish has a little magnet on the top which the child can pick up with the fishing rod and place into it’s corresponding number slot.
– Between the little fish are pegs ranging in size from smallest to tallest.  Each peg has coloured rings which fit onto the pegs from 1 ring to 10 rings.
– Numbers 1 to 10 and basic math symbols of plus, minus and equals so the child and do basic sums.
– 11 Different shapes
– The alphabet letters have corresponding animals printed in their slots. A for Alligator, B for Bear etc.

The Wooden Logarithmic Board is approximately 45cm long and 18cm wide.  The letters, shapes and numbers are approximately 2.5cm x 3cm in size.

Suitable for Age 3+ for basic colour and shape recognition and children of 5+ for more advanced features of the board

Warning! The Logarithmic Board is not suitable for a child who mouths toys – Choking Hazard!