Sensory Stuff’s double-layered Lycra hammock is great for providing vestibular and proprioceptive input. It also “contains” the individual in a most comforting and soothing manner. Use at home or in the therapy situation. It can be used as a swing or as a cosy space to lie in to rest or while reading a book.

The Sensory Stuff hammock is made using two layers of lycra. This way you can choose the level of support, with one layer providing less support to the body, or both layers offering more support. The child can also climb into the bottom layer with the second layer creating a “roof” – a dark, “womb-like” safe space.  This is a great way to de-stress following stressful situations or to assist in dealing with sensory overload. It is also fun to use the hammock in this layered manner, if the child has a soft toy to cuddle up to.

The Sensory Stuff Lycra hammock can be used to offer vestibular input. The vestibular input provided by the hammock can be either :

  • linear vestibular input, when it is suspended from two points, and the individual rocks forwards and backwards, or
  • angular vestibular input, when the hammock is suspended from a single point allowing it to spin round and round.  This type of input is not usually organsing for most people, and should be used with caution, and under the guidance or a therapist who is trained in sensory integration.

The lycra hammock is supplied with two eye anchor bolts and can be mounted into the walls above your child’s bed, in the playroom, or in the garden. It can also be used in the therapy room, where it can be connected into two overhead suspension points. Always ensure that the surface below the hammock is well padded, to avoid injury, should the child or adult using the hammock, happen to fall out of it!

Lying inside the hammock provides containment and great proprioceptve input, and can be particularly organising to the nervous system. A great cosy space to relax in! The hammock can be used as a swing in many different fun ways enabling children to play and have fun whilst organizing their nervous systems. Let you child explore and figure out how they enjoy using it.

The hammock can be mounted into the wall, using the two rawl bolts supplied. The length of the rope can be adjusted to accommodate the the dimensions of the room in which the hammock is to be mounted.


– Rope – 12mm Braided Polypropylene rope which is abrasion resistant and has a working load of 200kg and a breaking load of 600kg.
– Oval screw gate locking carabiner, 160kg max load each
– 2 eye anchor bolts
– Double layered stretch hammock measures approximately 1,8m x 1,4m

Mounting instructions:

The eye anchor bolts should be drilled into a firm concrete or brick wall. Drill diameter: 14mm. Drill depth: 60mm.

Adjust the ropes to the desired length as necessary.

Safety considerations:
In the interests of safety, ensure that there is a soft protective mat or other protective surface on the floor underneath the hammock, to protect a child or adult who might fall out of the hammock. Always ensure that children are well-supervised when using the hammock.  Check hammock for wear before each use.