Orders up! Open up your very own burger restaurant with Tooky Toy’s wooden Making a Burger. Enjoy roleplaying as chef or server to ensure your teddies and friends get the right order! Either follow the orders on the card or invent your very own burger!

Encouraging the development of visual and combinatorial perception, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Encourage language skills -“Extra onions for you? No vegetables for yours? All right. Let’s build all the burger orders!”

Contents: 10 burger activity cards, a wooden base, and 7 ingredient pieces,  (bread, cheese, burger, egg, onion, tomato, bacon, cucumber and lettuce) for the preparation of a delicious burger and 10 cards with different menus.

Burger stand is made from from beechwood and coated with non-toxic acrylic paint. Ingredients are made from beechwood and foam.

Ages: 3 +