Mosaic Octopus and Starfish creates outlines of a picture of an Octopus and a Starfish using large colourful dot stickers.

Peeling off the stickers requires a fine pincer grasp and a good bilateral action of both hands, with the hands and fingers moving in opposite directions to pull the sticker away from the backing paper. Placing the sticker onto the outline on the picture involves delicate coordination of little hands.

A comment regarding this Dot Sticker activity and Hand Dominance : Placing the sticker is usually easier to do with the dominant hand, and most children will select their dominant hand for this task. Should the child not yet have selected a dominant hand for use, rather just let them use whichever hand they select. In doing such a task repeatedly, as he places one dot after the other, the child is likely to actually select the hand his preferred or dominant hand. You should only re-position the task so that the child uses his dominant hand, if you are in fact certain which is the child’s dominant hand.

Ages: 3+