These plastic hexagonal Nuts and Bolts can be used to work on hand function. Children who have weak hand function could find it difficult to thread the nut onto the bolt. This simple task could help the child to develop his hand function in a non-threatening way.

The Nuts and Bolts can be used to improve both tactile discrimination and fine-motor planning ability, by placing all the individual Nuts and Bolts inside a Sensory Stuff Feely Bag, and then leaving the child to see how quickly he can assemble them so that every nut and bolt has been connected.

Use a stopwatch to see how long it takes the child to connect all the Nuts and Bolts. Then challenge him to improve on his time in subsequent attempts.

Contents: Each pack contains 5 nuts and 5 bolts. Bolts are approximately 3cm long.

Ages: 3 +

Warning: choking hazard for children who put things in their mouths