Play Tunnel

Play tunnels are a great tool for developing spatial awareness


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Spatial Perception and Spatial Development begin when babies and toddlers experience moving their own little bodies in space.  Play tunnels are a great tool for developing spatial awareness, both in therapy as well as at home.   Baby can creep INSIDE the tunnel and the THROUGH the tunnel.

Tunnel play is a great way to encourage crawling, and we all know how beneficial crawling is for developing bodies!  Crawling assists in developing bilateral coordination and motor planning, as well as strengthening core, neck, and shoulder muscles. As the baby takes weight through his little hands, he also helps to prepare the hand for appropriate hand function.  Babies and Toddlers delight in crawling forwards and backwards through the tunnel.  You can also  add some of these  fun tasks:

  • Push a ball like the Gymnic Soffy Ball through the tunnel while crawling
  • Push a car through the tunnel to drive it and park it at the other end
  • Build a Lego structure by obtaining blocks at one end of the tunnel and transporting to the other end to build.
  • For an older child, blow a balloon, a cotton wool ball or a pom-pom ball through the tunnel.

Description:  Nylon and mesh net tunnel is 180 x 48 x 48 cm – with handy carry bag for easy storage.

Suitable for babies learning to crawl and toddlers