The Posture Floor Cushion has a gentle slope with the back of the cushion slightly higher than the front. Children who have tight hamstring muscles often battle to sit in a good upright position when sitting on the floor.  Sitting on the Posture Cushion can assist immensely in correcting their sitting posture and in making it easier for them to remain sitting in either a straight-leg or cross-legged position for longer, without becoming restless.

Sitting in this manner will result in a better position of the pelvis and of the spine, and can contribute to improved postural control.  The Posture Floor Cushion can be used in ring time, or at any time when the child is required to sit on the floor.

The Posture Floor Cushion was designed by Neuro-developmental physiotherapists, and should ideally be used under the direction of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or a biokineticist.


Posture Floor Cushion 30 x 30 x 7/5 cm